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Twins Prospect Ranking Continuation

Alright, it appears that Alex Burnett takes the Prospect #29 ranking with Tyler Ladendorf at #30. But it has been requested that we continue this ranking through the top 50. Someone came up with a good idea to try to put about 10 players on the ballot, and if there are 3-5 players within 5-6 votes of each other, I will run a Run-Off in the FanPosts, but instead of just picking one or two, we will rank the next 3-5. In other words, if three players are within 5 votes for the #31 prospect, we will have a run off of those three players with 31, 32 and 33 being chosen through the run-off. This should help us get to a top 50 more quickly as we can have two votes going at one time, the run-off and the next vote to determine the run-off.

With that, it becomes more important to give me names of players that should be included, but for now, I have ten players for you to vote on. Who would you rank as the Twins #31 prospect?