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GM Meetings Day One Wrap

With the GM Meetings kicking off yesterday and running through Thursday, there hasn't been much news.  Having said that we'll run occasional updates anyway.  Nothing can come out of these meetings this week, but foundations may be laid for later in the year.

*  Twins still interested in Garrett Atkins?

We've heard this a number of times over the last couple of years, and thanks to the scouts at MLB Trade Rumors it looks like nothing has changed.  Neither Renck nor Ringolsby define when the Twins expressed their interest in Atkins, only pointing out that Minnesota is one of the best partners due to pitching depth.  At any rate I have to believe that specific discussions for a player at this point would be tampering, meaning that this information has just been recycled for the millionth time.  Unless I misunderstand the rules of the General Manager's meetings, which is entirely possible since I don't really know the rules.

*  Silence from local press

Joe Christensen of the Star Tribune is covering the GM Meetings.  Watch his space for insights and grumblings, but there's nothing from yesterday as of this writing.

*  Free agents

With all four free agents to be having filed (Everett, Guardado, Punto, Reyes), we may have a little time to wait before hearing if the frnot office will offer arbitration to any of them.  The further away from the season we get, the less I believe any of them will be back (even Punto).  When the free agency filing period ends on Monday, we'll start hearing a few more rumors.