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Who Am I? (Minor League Edition)

We haven't played this game in awhile.

With absolutely nothing of merit happening over the last couple weeks, it's been a quiet Christmas in Twins Territory.  To break up the monotony, we're going to start doing a few more things like this to keep the community going and the conversation churning over the coming days.

Usually with this game there aren't any rules, except that the player in question made at least one major league appearance for the Twins.  Today we're changing it up.  They may have never played major league baseball for the Twins in this version.  All that's guaranteed is that they were in the Minnesota farm system at some point in the past.

Good Luck!

Who Am I?

  • I have 85 career major league at-bats.
  • The summer of my major league debut, I hit .310/.388/.525 in the minors.  It was my age-26 season.
  • My last season on the books saw me hit .302 in triple-A.

Who Am I?

  • When I hit .370/.445/.608 over 104 games in high-A ball, expectations were pretty high considering I was undrafted.
  • That same season I was bumped right to triple-A.  Can you blame the Twins for trying?
  • I never played in a major league game, and in fact spent just five seasons in the minor leagues; the last was with Oakland.
  • On more than one occasion, I was teammates with more than one "cornerstone of the future" for the Twins.

Who Am I?

  • I spent just one season in the Minnesota farm system, and it was my first year in the minors.
  • That year I hit .342/.450/.595 at age-21.
  • For my career, I was a great minor league hitter.  It just never translated to major league success, and I bounced around quite a bit.  I went through five organizations in nine years, but got a shot at the bigs with just three of them.
  • Thanks to some solid walk rates, I posted a .389 minor league career on-base percentage.  I managed .400 or better at five different stops!