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Minnesota Twins Winter Meetings Open Thread, Tuesday

9:11 pm - Check out the comments section, where it sounds like Bill Smith wasn't happy with Ron Gardenhire's comments last week on Delmon Young not being in his preferred outfield.  I think my take is pretty clear.

It's past 3 am in my part of the world.  I'll catch you all bright and early tomorrow for day three of the Winter Meetings!

7:57 pm - Things are a little slow at the moment, so we'll do some due dilligence on Kevin Kouzmanoff, like we did yesterday for Jack Wilson.

  • Kouzmanoff, 27 for 2009, will become arbitration-eligible in 2010.  He'll be under team control through 2012.
  • Good raw power for a shortstop Only moderate raw power for a third baseman, with isolated power of .182 in 2007 and .173 in 2008.
  • Has hit in one of the most difficult hitters parks for two years in Petco.  At home, he's a career .243/.290/.390 hitter.  As a visitor he hits .282/.330/.448.
  • Entering his physical prime.
  • In his career has swung at nearly a third of balls thrown outside the strike zone.
  • Allergic to walks, attracted to strikeouts.
  • RZR suggests mediocre range at his best:  .680 in '07, .705 in '08.  Makes some outs outside of his zone, but not a lot.
  • In terms of cost (which would be in prospects), his production last year (.260/.299/.433) should help off-set the value he has through being under team control for four more years.
  • My conclusion:  Ultimately, while power and home runs are sexy, they aren't always accurate indicators of run production or whether or not a guy is a good hitter.  In Kouz's case, I don't believe his potential for 20+ home runs off-sets the liklihood that, even away from Petco, he'd probably be lucky to post an OBP of .330.  But having said that, I still prefer him to Jack Wilson.

We've just condensed today's history, so if you want to scroll back through every other little things that's come down the wire today, be sure to open the entire post.

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7:06 pm - How was dinner?  Delicious?  If you're not full yet, munch on this...

5:19 pm - A mid-day update from LEN III:

  • Here we go AGAIN:  La Velle says Minnesota and Colorado HAVE had discussions about Garrett Atkins, and this is "according to a person with knowledge of talks".  Sounds like the Rockies still wanted a starter and a prospect, and naturally, the Twins still said no.
  • Neal thinks this last request wasn't as ridiculous as Colorado's request last week, which involved Kevin Slowey and Denard Span.
  • Huston Street DID come up, but the Rockies feel they'll need him at this juncture.
  • Ultimately, in regards to Colorado and Atkins, LEN III has this to say:  "What’s coming to light here is that the Twins really want to hold on to their core of young starters. Perhaps they feel that this isn’t the year - or Atkins isn’t the player - to give up a starter for."
  • Neal confirms, yet again, that Young-to-Tampa will not happen.  I'd say this one is dead, but every time I do that I get contradicted.  So I'll say nothing.  You know what I'm thinking.
  • Finally, the Phillies really like Nick Punto.

5:12 pm - Kelly Theiser, our familiar correspondent at, has contradicted a report from ESPN's Jayson Stark, saying:

But a source close to the situation indicated Tuesday afternoon that it's highly unlikely [a trade between the Twins and Rays involving Delmon Young] would occur.

Of course, "unlikely" doesn't mean "impossible", but at this point it doesn't look good.  This also confirms LEN III's update from this afternoon.  In other news...

Theiser also says the Rockies have called about Delmon Young, but with Troy Renck saying that Colorado hasn't discussed Garrett Atkins with anyone, anyone care to speculate on who the Twins could be targeting?

4:05 pm - Nothing solidly Twins-related here, unless you count indirect sort of things...

  • Over at the Denver Post, Troy Renck says the Rockies haven't been talking to anyone about Garrett Atkins.  I'm not sure if this is accurate, but if it is, it legitimizes my threesome joke in the 3:01 update.
  • Todd Zolecki at The Phillies Zone says Pat Burrell is unlikely to return to Philadelphia, and speculates that Philly's top three alternatives don't include Delmon Young.
  • Livan Hernandez continues to find work.
  • I'm still finding dog hairs for a dog I no longer have.  WTF.  (FYI, this is NOT Twins-related.)

3:01 pm - Just saw a brief update at LEN III's blog.  Sounds like there isn't much chance of a Ménage à Trois between the Twins, Rays and [INSERT TEAM HERE].  Apparently Delmon Young doesn't provide sufficient protection.

Too much?

2:30 - Afternoon updates:

12:35-- ESPN is reporting that the Dodgers have signed Blake, as expected--cmathewson

11:45 am - LEN3 checks in for the morning.  Among his tidbits:

  • The team has had internal discussions regarding Kevin Kouzmanoff, Jorge Cantu, and Ty Wigginton - but internal discussions don't cause trades.  No word yet on whether the Twins have actually inquired about any of the three.
  • Elsewhere, the Mets are close to landing K-Rod, says Ken Rosenthal, for 3 years-$37 million and a vesting option for a fourth year that would bring it up to $50 million.  That's right in line with what the Twins are paying Joe Nathan (who signed for 4 years, $47 million, and a team option on the fifth year.)

10:30 am - A wild rumor from ESPN's Jayson Stark has Tampa Bay potentially re-acquiring Delmon Young, contrary to all of yesterday's reports that such a move was absolutely dead in the water.  In return, the Rays would deal Edwin Jackson or Andy Sonnanstine, but not to the Twins - who don't need pitching one bit; a third team would likely be involved, possibly the Rockies (who would thus dangle Garrett Atkins).

9:00 am - Jon Marthaler checking in here.  No big news yet this morning. 

  • At the Strib, LEN3 quotes team officials as saying that the Twins have the financial flexibility to add players.  Which, of course, means nothing, since the front office will continue to throw around nickels like they're manhole covers.  But I suppose it's nice to hear.
  • Elsewhere, several sources have reported that the Brewers are still in the running to hold onto CC Sabathia - but then again, they're also rumored to be on the verge of re-signing Mike Lamb, in which case they're clearly not trying to put the best possible team on the field anyway.

6:00 am - Update number one, let's roll through the overnight stuff...

  • Courtesy of Tim Brown at Yahoo, it sounds like the Rangers are trying to shop Michael Young.  His five-year, $80 million dollar extension kicks off in 2009.  Think the Twins have interest?
  • Conflicting reports on Casey Blake's potential deal with the Dodgers last night.  Jayson Stark says it's two years, Ken Rosental says three years, $17 million.
  • Jenifer Langosch at says the Twins aren't pursuing Jack Wilson after all, but there are a few conflicting reports to this as well.
  • From Phil Miller, Assistant GM Rob Antony gave what was interpreted as body language stating that the Twins weren't interested in Miguel Tejada.  I hope it's true.