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Who Am I?

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Upping the difficulty on this one, with two categories

Remember Me? (If you blinked you may have missed me)

Who Am I?

  •  I was an All-Star at AA, AAA and in the International League.  I was a Baseball America 1st-Team Minor League All-Star.  I won the International League MVP.
  •  As a 19-year old in A-ball I hit .287/.357/.520.  As a 23-year old at AAA, I hit .284/.355/.548.
Who Am I?
  •  I had three stints at AAA with the Twins.  In those seasons I tallied OPS marks of .935, .861 and .875.
  •  Minnesota claimed me off waivers
  •  At AAA, I played 1B, 2B, 3B, SS and OF.
Who Am I?
  •  My rookie season I posted a .902 OPS, finishing second in Rookie of the Year balloting
  •  I hit one home run with the Twins
  •  My minor league line is .280/.370/.494
This Is the End (Each clue is for a different player)

Who Am I?

  •  At age 39, I hit .316/.390/.404 with the Twins.
  •  At age 38 I spent 20 games with the Twins, but a .397 OBP was partially off-set by only managing one extra-base hit
  •  Even though I'd play one more full season with the Twins, at age 39 I recorded 18 saves in 54 appearances.  My 2.61 ERA in 76.1 innings helped anchor a very effective bullpen.