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Blanton, Lofton Updates

Ken Rosenthal of reports that the Reds are "fervently" pursuing Joe Blanton, but are also giving Kenny Lofton a look as part of a possible CF platoon.

Given that the Twins are currently less-than-solid in center, Lofton has been suggested as a possible free-agent pickup to give them a veteran option.  Unless Carlos Gomez and Jason Pridie completely fail in spring training, though, the Twins appear more or less content to stick with what they have.  

Minnesota will also likely start the season with 12 pitchers, and given that they already have four outfielders - Cuddyer, Kubel, Young, and Monroe - set in stone, it's unlikely they'd get a 41-year-old guy who can't play every day and doesn't hit lefties very well.

Then again, he'd fit in perfectly around here.  From a Los Angeles Times blog post in late 2006:

Kenny Lofton takes his bowling seriously. He has his own ball, housed in a sleek bag resembling a sharp piece of luggage (wheels, retractable handle, etc.). The moniker on the bag? K Lo (the same name stitched onto his souvenir bowling shirt from the evening).
Tell me Gardy wouldn't love having this guy around.