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The 25th Man

With the Hernandez signing, the Twins' Opening Day roster seems slightly more predictable.  20 guys are virtual locks to be on the team come March 30. The breakdown of those 20 players:

C: Mauer, Redmond
IF: Morneau, Everett, Lamb, Punto
OF: Cuddyer, Young, Monroe, Kubel
SP: Baker, Bonser, Hernandez, Liriano
RP: Nathan, Neshek, Reyes, Crain, Guerrier, Rincon

Brendan Harris at second base and Glen Perkins as the seventh reliever seem almost as predictable.  That's 22. (NOTE: If Humber's out of options, he makes more sense than Perkins in the seventh bullpen spot.)

Of the three remaining roster spots, one will go to whoever is the fifth starter, and one seems destined to be the property of either Jason Pridie or Carlos Gomez in center field.  That's 24.

So who makes 25?

In the past, the Twins have had an extra infielder, and Brian Buscher would provide a lefty bat.  But Punto can back up Lamb at third, and Lamb or Cuddyer (or even Mauer) can back up Morneau at first if need be.

Do you keep Buscher anyway, for pinch-hitting purposes?  Do you get in touch with your inner Gardy and keep a third catcher around?  Do you go with the vaunted 13-man pitching staff? Or do you keep both Gomez and Pridie on the roster? (Or do you sign a veteran CF option, such as Kenny Lofton or - hey, Jason Tyner is still available?)

(NOTE: cmathewson tackled this, pre-Hernandez, in the diaries as well.)