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Brandon Inge?

ESPN is reporting that the Tigers are shopping Brandon Inge. After last year, in which he saw his OPS drop 86 points at age 29, Dombrowski went out and made a slight upgrade at third. This left Inge in a bench role, which he has not taken well, especially since the Tigers are expecting him to play multiple positions, including catcher, at least to showcase him to other teams. Any team wanting to acquire him would be paying a premium for his services, at $6 million a year for the next three years.

With this background, it got me thinking. (I know always a dangerous thing.) Would the Twins be interested in him? Let's say the price is right, Punto and a fringe arm like Mullins for him. Would you make that deal?

I would, if the Tigers agreed to take some of the salary, say about half. He could be a super utility player, as he can play just about every position and he has good pop from the right side. He'd keep Gardy from freaking out about that third catcher. And he'd make Monroe expendable, which could help pay for this year's hit to the budget.

What do you think? Please take the poll, and feel free to leave comments.