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Projecting Carlos Gomez

Position players don't officially report to spring training until Saturday, but already my official beat writer Phil Miller, whom I've praised since early last year, is buzzing about Carlos Gomez. He's not the only one who's praising Gomez in the early going.

Distilling a few of the observations:

  • Gomez is fast: According to former Mets prospect and now teammate Philip (Don't call me Phil) Humber, "he might not accelerate as fast as Jose Reyes, but I bet he would beat him in a race from first to third."
  • Gomez is strong: When he shook Gardenhire's hand, Gardy nearly collapsed in pain.
  • Gomez has great bat speed and a short stroke: He has spent three consecutive batting practices whistling ropes all over the field. Today he lined a bullet over the right center wall that, "never got 20 feet off the ground" according to Miller.
  • Gomez has a very strong arm: According to reports, it's in Delmon Young territory, which would give the Twins the best set of outfield arms in the majors, if Gomez wins the starting job.
Regular readers know I'm very high on him, mostly because of his tools, which I put well ahead of any of the of the outfielders mentioned in Santana trade talks. Ellsbury is more polished, but he is not nearly as fast, strong or defensively gifted as Gomez.

But I also think Gomez has good numbers the last two years, considering the injury-shortened season last year.

So the question is, what do you all expect out of Gomez? Please take the poll and leave comments.