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It's not February.

If Minnesota had English weather, we wouldn't be worried about how cold it's going to be on Opening Day in 2010.  The last three days here it's been 40 or better (still on Farenheit readings), the grass is green (it's never really not green), and I now have a serious case of spring fever.  Winters here are extraordinarily mild by Minnesota terms, and while the summers will be a bit more moderate than what I'm used to there also aren't any mosquitos to worry about.  There are no screens on windows here.

If the Minnesota Twins could be playing in English weather come 25 months from now, it would be quite pleasant.

Internet just arrived at the house yesterday.  See, in England, you have to get a land line set up.  Then you need a presence with the Queen to ask for internet.  The Queen then sends three knights on horse back to your home, where they meet an ancient religious brick scholar who walks around the neighborhood for a couple hours before deciding whether or not you can have internet.

It's new this year.  They're still learning.

Now that I have internet, it's going to take another week and six to eight knights to be sure that we're allowed cable television.  And I know what you're thinking--yes, we've paid our TV tax.  Yes, that's a real tax.  Also, England used to tax you based on how many windows you had in your home.  Here you thought that whole "no taxation without representation" thing was just something we said to start a war...

Anyway, imagine my surprise when I'm, frantically catching up on my reading, lambasted with news that the Twins have signed Livan Hernandez.  Where did that come from?  Has anyone done an analysis on this, because I feel some research withdrawls coming on, and I'd rather quell them on a topic that hasn't already been destroyed and discussed six ways from Sunday.

Still it's just good to be back.  Thanks to Jon and Cmath for keeping the front page running in my absence, it looks like you've done some good work.  There are lots of interesting reads in the diary section as well.

For now I'll stretch, do some reading, and I'll be back on the horse.  Pitchers and catchers have reported, spring training is getting underway, and as I look out my window the grass is green.  It's time for baseball.

One more thing:  Migration is coming.  It's already begun elsewhere.  Have you seen it?