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Cross one possibility off the list of new Twins Ballpark names

"Justin Morneau Field" is already taken.  From the Burnaby (BC) NewsLeader:

Snow covered the field but it was a beautiful day for baseball in New Westminster on Saturday.

The white stuff didn't stop the city from celebrating its humble superstar, naming the Moody Park diamond he grew up playing on Justin Morneau Field.

We can see from the field how Morneau may have developed his power from the left-hand side of the plate.  The field is clearly deeper to right and right-center field, meaning that any young left-handed-hitting slugger would have to develop lumberjack-like strength to blast the ball out of the park.

And also, apparently, some rather callused hands:

New Westminster Little League vice-president Ed Zacharuk, Markus' father, recalled the time shortly after Morneau was named MVP he came to a clinic in Queensborough and told them he'd practise hitting until his hands bled. Now when the kids get into the batting cage they tell Zacharuk they want to keep going until their hands bleed, just like Justin Morneau.