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Weekend Discussion: Baseball Day in Minnesota?

Today is Hockey Day in Minnesota (so dubbed by FSN North), with three high school games, the Wild game, and the Gopher game all being televised on the network.  It's a great chance to play a couple of outdoor games up north and to talk hockey on FSN for sixteen straight hours.

The question: if you were going to put together "Baseball Day in Minnesota," what would be part of the event?

I'd think you'd need a Twins game to cap off the evening, for certain.  But other than that, what would you include?  The American Legion championships?  The Minnesota townball championships?  A Saints/Twins doubleheader at the new park?

The possibilities and permutations are endless, especially given the divergent schedules of every amateur league in the state (the Gophers are done with their regular schedule by mid-May, high school isn't done until early June, etc.)

Any thoughts?