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Boofeteria Sighting!

For over a month now, we've been hearing about how Boof Bonser's new diet and exercise program had a banquet-sized affect on his appearance and energy.  Almost every reporter who covers the Twins spent time raving about how much thinner he is.  We were purely stuffed with hearing about it.  It's been reported that he had lost about 25 pounds so far and was on his way to cutting off another 5 before the end of spring.

And yet, after all this attention, that's all the fans got, words.  I don't know if this bothered anyone else, but this blogger was absolutely famished for a picture of the new and improved man.

Well, after his snack of an outing against the Yankees two days ago (in that outing, he had some trouble finding the plate, but he left coaches with a pretty good taste in their mouths), the Twins posted a single picture of him in action.  They also updated his headshot on his player profile.  Here's Boof's new look:

Lean mean fighting machine.  Like... venison.

Now, we'll have to compare that to Boof's old look.  Here are a few choice cuts from his Twins photo gallery.


I think you can most tell the difference between the photos on the right in each serving.

I'm personally very excited about Boof's new look.  I have very high beliefs in Boof.  I think he can brew into a guy with a consistent ERA under 4 and maybe 170 K's a year, kind of like a John Lackey light.  It's nice to see Boof come running when the coaches sounded the bell by asking him to lose weight.

Now at least we've finally seen the new look!