Gomez or Span???

I've been flip flopping on my opinion about CF all ST.  First I was all about Gomez, then he started out slow.  After that he had a hot weekend and I was back on board.  However, from looking at the hitting lines I now have to lean towards Span even though I was adamantly opposed to him before ST.  He's shown some plate discipline, has hit for average and OBP as well as a bit of power with his 4 doubles.  Maybe he was just stretching singles to doubles though, I didn't get to see the actual hits.  

The other interesting idea behind having Span out there is that he could platoon with Monroe.  I've said this before but I really like the idea of Monroe platooning in center even if he is a bit of a liability on defense.  If nothing else this keeps him from stealing at bats from Kubel at DH(or Punto cuz he's looking like a really good DH option).  

I don't wanna sound too much like Gardy but I think Span has paid his dues and deserves a shot.  Between being able to save service time on Gomez and looking at how well Span has done this ST I think it's time to give the guy his shot.  What do you guys think.  

I started a new poll because now that Pridie is apparently out of the race I wanna know what people are thinking now that we're a couple of weeks in.