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Peter Gammons on the Twins

One week ago, Peter Gammons took time on his blog to discuss the Twins after visiting them in camp.

While ESPN doesn't do the greatest job at breaking down the sports we love, or covering the rest of the nation as well as they do Boston and New York (a sad byproduct of having to pander to the larger markets), they do still carry some very talented journalists.  Peter Gammons is my favorite.

He recently stopped by the Twins' camp in Florida, and over at his blog you can see his comments and a few quotes of note.  Be sure to drop by and read the entire entry, but here are a couple of the highlights.

Most of us are extremely excited about having a guy with a ceiling like Delmon Young on the team, even if he cost us Matt Garza.  An American League General Manager believes the Twins picked up a stud, but was also impressed that Young knew who was in camp with him (Oliva, Carew, Killebrew, Molitor):

"That's great that he understands what that means. We have a guy who had never heard of Brooks Robinson or Mike Schmidt."

That comes off as embarassing, for whoever the GM is talking about.

Another big shift in the off-season has had to do with the starting rotation, which is fleshed out mostly with inexperienced (if talented) hurlers.  A quote from Ron Gardenhire, not-so-subtly saying what he expects from the starting five:

"We'll be able to win some high-scoring games, because of that bullpen. We're going to score runs."

At least Gardenhire is optimistic about our offense, in spite of some of the projections we've seen.  While our offense will most likely swing in somewhere around league average, the middle of the batting order is very talented.  Gammons believes in our big hitters about as much as most of us do.

The middle of the order is very good, with Joe Mauer, Justin Morneau, Michael Cuddyer, Young and a DH platoon of Jason Kubel and Craig Monroe.

Once again, stop by Gammons' blog to read the entire piece.  It's definitely worth your time.