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Friday Photos From Florida

A great many thanks to my great friend Lauren who's given me permission to use some of her pics from her trip to Florida.  Seeing them really gets me in the mood.  For spring.  Y'know, baseball?  Just over 94 hours from now, the regular season kicks off!

The outside of the Twins' spring training facility in Florida.  It's absolutely beautiful.

Cuddy takes a big cut!

That's ominous.

Francisco Liriano warms up in the bullpen before his appearance.

What up, NESHEK!

NBP steps into the box...

Just more proof that TC takes advantage of his powers.  This bear is clearly out of control.  Look at that poor kid crying:  Please TC, please don't shoot me!

You know who stands like that?  Joe Nathan.  Joe Nathan stands like that.  This is Joe Nathan.