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New Contract for Nathan On Horizon

Update 03-23-08, 7:55pm: An updated version of one of the links below states that details of Nathan's extension could be released Monday. Feel free to post any updates in the comments section.

Update 03-23-08, 7:35pm: .....(cue tumbleweed here)...

Update 03-23-08, 6:35am: From LEN III's blog: Nathan's agent, Dave Pepe, was scheduled to meet with Twins officials late Saturday. Neal also confirms the sides are extremely close, and that an extension could possibly be worked out sometime Sunday.

From Saturday...

Sources confirm sides are close to agreement.

Joe Nathan's agent, Dave Pepe, arrived in Florida earlier in the week and met with the Twins on Thursday.  He returned to Twins camp on Saturday, and will remain in Fort Myers through Monday.  Pepe has so far refused to comment, but negotiations are moving in a direction that could consummate a deal for Nathan in the next couple days.

Speculation on the contract length and value haven't budged, although no details have been confirmed.


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