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Monday Cuts TBA

Decisions on position players could be finalized today.

With only another week to go before the Twins open against the Angels in Minneapolis, a few questions still remain in regards to who will be coming north.  While Monday will likely decide the immediate fates of position players rather than pitchers, decisions still need to be handed down in regards to the following roster spots and players:

Center Field:  Denard Span, Carlos Gomez
Backup Infielder:  Brian Buscher, Matt Tolbert
Starting Pitcher:  Francisco Liriano, Phil Humber, Nick Blackburn
Relief Pitcher:  Jesse Crain, Brian Bass, Nick Blackburn

With 14 pitchers still listed on Minnesota's active roster, two of the above will be sent to Rochester.  Current pitching staff (3 spots available):

Rotation      Relief
Hernandez     Nathan
Baker         Neshek
Bonser        Rincon
Slowey        Reyes
TBA           Guerrier

With the Twins likely bringing 12 pitchers, two position player spots are still up for grabs.  Current position players:

Pos Starters      Pos Bench
  C Mauer          BC Redmond
 1B Morneau       BOF Monroe
 2B Harris        BIF Punto
 3B Lamb          BIF TBA
 SS Everett
 LF Young
 RF Cuddyer
 DH Kubel

Buscher's inability to shake Tolbert for the second backup infielder slot has kept that competition open, but a decision between those two and Span/Gomez should be determined today.  Updates will be posted here when announced.