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Gomez In Center; Bass and Tolbert to Go North

From LEN III's blog.

Optioned to Rochester:

Pos Name
RHP Phil Humber
 OF Denard Span
 OF Jason Pridie
 IF Brian Buscher

Neal also believes Liriano will start the year in triple-A, meaning Brian Bass will make the team in the bullpen and Nick Blackburn will pick up the final spot as a starter.  Pitcher Casey Daigle was reassigned to minor league camp.

It's always easy or fun to sit and speculate on the future of a player, but it's always very personal to the players themselves. The clubhouse sounded pretty somber from Neal's words.

Span took the news hard. He really felt he had a good chance to make the team and believed he gave Gomez a stiff challenge for the job. He choked up a few times while he spoke with reporters.

The final cuts are never easy. For some reason, there was no music playing in the clubhouse this morning, which made things worse. Players (and the media) look around the room to see who’s packing up and then figure out when it’s the right time to approach the guy who’s just been cut.