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Jim Halpert Says:

"Congratulations, universe.  You win."

According to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Luis Rivas has made someone's roster.  Freddy Sanchez, the Pirates second baseman, may not be able to start due to off-season surgery on his shoulder. Which means there's a very real possibility that Rivas may even be a starter. In the major leagues.

Rivas, 28, has hit .348/.412/.500 in 46 spring at-bats, but his professional line the last few seasons hasn't been as impressive.  In 2006 with Tampa Bay (.540 OPS, 229 AB's, AAA) he didn't sniff the majors, and in 2007 with Cleveland (.741 OPS, 410 AB's, AAA) he only managed four games in September.  Now five years removed from being healthy enough to play full time, and three years removed from any semblance of playing time in the majors, Luis Rivas is getting one more chance to resurrect his career.

Godspeed, Luis.