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We've done Bert-Speak (formatting will be off, but it's still readable).  This is only slightly different.

Gardenhireism Example
"The heck" I like the heck outta that Nick Punto.  Nick Blackburn throws the heck outta that ball.  Livan Hernandez ate the heck outta that sandwich buffet.
"Y'know" Y'know there are a lot of things happening right now and that Carlos Gomez is one heckuva kid.  But that Denard Span, y'know, he's paid his dues and y'know, if we could bring 'em both north we would.  Y'know.
"Pretty good" Y'know, Liriano's lookin' pretty good right now but we need to take it easy and remember to slow him down a bit.  He likes to throw the heck outta the ball y'know, and he's pretty good when he gets goin, but we wanna make sure everything's in the right place with him.
"Fun" That Garrett Jones is a lotta fun to watch.  He can really hit the heck outta the ball, he can swing pretty good.  Y'know he's got a lotta pop, and it's fun to watch 'em fly.  It's fun to watch these guys get to know each other, y'know.
"Hustle" Y'know who runs the heck outta those bases is Nick Punto, he's all hustle.  He struggles with the bat a little bit but in the field he's pretty good and guys can learn from him, y'know.  He's not afraid to hustle and get dirty, and that's a lotta fun to watch.
"There" That right there is the sign of a guy who's ready to play.  When he's in there, y'know something's gonna happen, something fun.  The way he hustles, he's there to there in the blink of an eye.
"Locate" Morneau wasn't locating that breaking ball.  Baker wasn't able to locate his fastball.  Delmon couldn't locate the ball in the roof.  If you locate by bucket of chicken I'll give you a whisker rub.
"Step up" This is a big opportunity for Perk but he's gotta step up.  There've been some injuries out there but we've gotta pull together and step up.  With his helmet in the top of his locker, Punto's gotta step up to reach it.
"The Perfect Gardenhireism" Y'know that was one heckuva game, both teams hustled their tails off. Liriano was throwin' the heck outta that ball, he was locatin' that slider real good, but their guy he was pretty good too. It was good to see Cuddyer step up there and making somethin' happen and sometimes that's all it takes y'know. That game was a lotta fun.

Feel free to add your own! You know you have some...