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Randy Ruiz Taking His Shot

No spring chicken, Ruiz is making a bid for spot number 25 on the roster.

At 30, Ruiz has seen his share of time in the minor leagues.  He's never broken into The Show, not even for that elusive cup of coffee.  Nevertheless he's the proud owner of a .300/.377/.522 minor league line.

Much of the beef in those numbers are due to the fact that Ruiz had a difficult time adjusting to his promotions earlier in his career.  Through his age-26 season he hadn't broken past high-A ball.  As a result he was kept in the lower echelons of farm systems with the Reds, Orioles and Phillies, where he absolutely mashed on the younger competition.

Since 2005 (at age 27) he's been in double-A, where he began putting up monster numbers once again.  Last summer with the Phillies he earned his first taste of triple-A, hitting .215/.295/.418 in 79 at-bats.

This spring has seen Ruiz tear the cover off the ball, at least as far as the numbers are concerned.  Radio broadcasts weren't glowing initially in regards to the quality of his at-bats, but in Sunday afternoon's game he went 1-for-1 with a walk.  Randy Ruiz is now batting .471/.500/.882 in 17 at-bats, including two home runs and a double.  He's not nimble, he's not too versatile, but right now he's absolutely raking.

Ruiz has crushed 50 home runs in the last two seasons, along with 65 doubles.  In that same period he's collected 91 walks and 256 strikeouts.    He's not a perfect player, but when you're discussing the final roster spot there's no such thing.  If it comes down to Garrett Jones and Randy Ruiz, who wins?

Statistics for Randy Ruiz

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