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Notes From England

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Very straight forward.

I'm at a disadvantage when the Twins are actually playing live.  In my world, it's usually just after one in the morning by the time the first pitch is thrown, which I won't lie--it kills me a little inside.  What happens is that I get up, early in the morning, and watch the game...which really isn't so bad as long as I don't give into temptation and check out the score first.  Anyway, in lieu of recapping two games (since most of us already know what happened) I wanted to make a few notes about some of the players who've been involved in the first two games of the year.

Carlos Gomez:  While nobody in their right mind should be putting too much stock into two games, can I just say that Gomez is terrifying?  I mean that in a good way.  When he gets on base, he's one of those rare talents who can drastically alter what's happening between the mound and home plate.  It's crazy.  And in the field he's not too shabby either, it's been so much fun watching him.

Livan Hernandez:
  Really?  Color me surprised.

Boof Bonser:  Okay, getting through six innings in 89 pitches is pretty good as far as efficiency is concerned.  And it was a big concern last year.  I know he was tagged in the first, but he wasn't helped by Everett's throw in the fifth and the offense certainly wasn't providing support.  By no means an inspiring start, I'm not really disappointed by it.

Juan Rincon:  I'm disappointed by this.  I will you my love Juan, from across the ocean, but still you're having issues with control.  27 pitches in one inning.  Ouch.

Delmon Young:  2-for-4 on Opening Day and 3-for-4 last night, he's off to a hot start.  I miss being at the games, because hearing the crack of his bat on the ball would probably be one of those visceral moments for me.  See it and hearing it on a computer screen isn't doing him justice.

Jason Kubel:  I was happy this morning when I woke up and saw he was in the starting lineup.  I know it was, predictably, against a right-handed starter (seriously, how is Jon Garland that unhittable?) but I was happy all the same.  I realize Monroe will see some time, but Kubel deserves 450 at-bats this year or you're not giving a talented young hitter the opportunity he needs.

Joe Mauer:  I know people who will argue with me on this and say that one swing, in general, really looks like most other swings from most other players.  But each year since he's come to the Twins, the first time I see him swing I always feel like I'm watching something special.