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Cuddyer to DL, Span Arrives

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This is why you don't slide head first. Baseball 101.

The Good News:  A hand specialist examined Cuddyer, and reported that the tendon in the finger wasn't injured.  It could have been worse.

The Bad News:  Cuddyer slid head first into third base and dislocated his right index finger, and received a large laceration from the cleats of Alex Gordon.  He's been placed on the 15-day disabled list.

If there's a silver lining for Cuddyer's injury, it's that Jason Kubel will receive more playing time.  His plate appearances have been tempered, and would have continued to have been tempered, due to Gardenhire's penchant to give Craig Monroe at bats.  Most of the innings in field field now belong to Kubel, and hopefully he can take advantage.

Denard Span's first appearance in The Show has been a long time coming.  While I'm hoping it doesn't happen, and it shouldn't, I can see the Twins giving Span a few starts in center field to get him some time.  The decision to commit to Carlos Gomez at the start of the year should be a commitment in stone; a couple of days off during the season is good, but while Cuddyer is on the disabled list Span's time should largely come in the latter stages of a game:  pinch hitter, pinch runner, replacement in the field.

I'm not trying to knock Span, but the Twins have made a decision on how to develop Gomez and need to stick with that plan.  This entire season will be a fantastic learning opportunity for the former Mets prospect, and he deserves every plate appearance possible.

See you tonight!