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The Thome Walk

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As Jesse mentioned below, the Monday loss was entirely down to a bad seventh inning by the bullpen - and the whole Sox rally got started with a walk, by Matt Guerrier and issued to Jim Thome.

At the time, watching the game, it appeared to me that several of the pitches were borderline - by which I mean pretty much right down Broadway.  Dick Bremer even commented on at least one of the pitches, noting that he thought it was a strike.

I went back to Gameday to confirm my notions; here's the image of Thome's six-pitch at-bat.  I've helpfully drawn in the strike zone, according to the definition in the rulebook.  (Note - the extra vertical lines are to account for the "black" on the plate.)


Not sure about you, but it looks like there's a couple of pretty good pitches in that at-bat to me.  Maybe pitch #2 (called a strike) was outside, but if that was a strike, it'd be hard to argue that #3 was a ball.

If Gameday is accurate, then you have to wonder - just what was home plate umpire Phil Cuzzi seeing in that at-bat?