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Just A Glimpse...

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I just wanted to show you what I'm working on.

I won't be able to compile all the data tonight, but this is essentially what I've been working on the last couple of days.  I'm breaking down pitch selection--from number of pitches, to how many swings, to which pitches a hitter likes and which ones he can't hit.  Hopefully as this experiment grows throughout the season we'll be able to pick up on some strengths, weaknesses, and maybe see what opposing teams see when they game plan for the Twins.


This is a table of a section that I've collected on Joe Mauer.  It isn't complete, but it will give you an idea of what I'm throwing together.  If you have any input on how this could be presented as an easier read, let me know.


Pitches Seen Swung At Contact Made
28 13 (46%) 12 (92%)

Pitches Seen Swung At Contact Made
9 (32%) 5 (55%) 5 (100%)

Pitches Seen Swung At Contact Made
1 (4%) 0 0

Pitches Seen Swung At Contact Made
6 (21%) 2 (33%) 1 (50%)

Pitches Seen Swung At Contact Made
11 (39%) 6 (55%) 6 (100%)

Percentages of the total number of each type of pitch are related to the total of all pitches; swung at percentages relate only to the specific pitch thrown; contact percentage is in relation to the number of swings taken at the specific pitch thrown.

I'm also accumulating results data, so we can see which pitches Mike Lamb gets surprised by (seriously, lots of ground outs on fastballs), and generally get an idea of what tendencies our hitters have on the final pitch of a plate appearance.  There will be plenty of room for error here, but as the season wears on the margin for error will slowly decrease.  At some point we should be left with some very interesting data.

At least I think so.  Game 2, Twins and Sox, tomorrow.