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Batista and Castro Redux

The Twins have admitted mistakes on the left side of the infield before.  In 2006, they signed Tony Batista to play third base, but gave up on him in mid-June.  The same year, they sent Jason Bartlett back to the minors while Juan Castro started every day at shortstop; he lasted just one more day than Batista before being ditched unceremoniously.

Here's the undynamic duo's stats that year before being dropped:

Batista: 32 G, 108 AB; .231/.259/.287, 0 HR, 15 RBI; .524 RZR (3B)
Castro: 18 G, 56 AB; .196/.224/.321, 1 HR, 4 RBI; .848 RZR (SS)

No... wait a second, that's wrong.  Those are Mike Lamb and Adam Everett's stats, going into Wednesday's game.  Here's Batista and Castro in 2006:

Batista: 50 G, 178 AB; .236/.303/.388, 5 HR, 21 RBI;  .602 RZR (3B)
Castro: 50 G, 156 AB; .231/.258/.308, 1 HR, 14 RBI; .833 RZR (SS)

There are some awful similarities in that group.

Now, this is also a Twins organization that played Nick Punto in 150 games in 2007 - 150! - despite Punto hitting .210/.291/.271 and posting slightly-above-average fielding numbers at three infield positions.  Neither Lamb nor Everett qualifies as "scrappy," but indications thus far are that both will be treated with the same kid gloves that neither Batista or Castro benefited from.

Either way, both had better pick it up.  Tony Batista's last game as a Twin was on June 11; Castro's came on June 13.  Batista was designated for assignment on the 14th, Castro was traded the next day, and Minnesota was quickly shot of two mistakes on the left side of the infield.  And now, we have a month to see what happens with Lamb and Everett.