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In case you were wondering...

Just a few Did You Knows from Monday's game (all research from

  • Bobby Korecky's 11th-inning single was the first hit by a pitcher in Metrodome history.
  • It was also the first hit in an American League game by a Twins pitcher in the DH era; the last Twins pitcher to get a hit in an AL game was Bert Blyleven, on October 4, 1972
  • Only one other Twins pitcher has ever had a plate appearance at home in the DH era. On August 24, 1986, reliever Ray Fontenot struck out to end the game against Toronto, in a game much like Monday's (the Twins ran out of bench players).
  • The last Twins pitcher to bat in an American League game was Matt Garza, who hit twice on July 6 in Chicago last year after Mike Redmond was injured in the first inning.
  • Only two other Twins pitchers have batted and pitched in an American League game in the DH era - and they both did it in the same game.  On July 12, 1975, the Twins lost 8-7 to the Yankees in 16 innings, and both Vic Albury and Bill Campbell hit.  Albury struck out in the 11th, Campbell in the 14th.
  • Per Joe Christensen at the Minneapolis Star Tribune, Allan Anderson also pinch-hit (but didn't pitch, which is why I missed it in the first version of this post) in a game on June 13, 1989, against Seattle.
  • Two Twins outfielders had hits in games that they also pitched in; John Moses did it in both 1989 and 1990, and Dan Gladden did it in 1988.
  • According to his stats at The Baseball Cube , Korecky's last plate appearance - and last hit - came in 2002, at the University of Michigan.
  • The last time a pitcher had a hit in an American League game was 11 years ago; on August 16, 1997, Yankees reliever John Wetteland whacked an RBI double in the top of the 10th in an 8-5 win over Texas.  Wetteland was the winning pitcher that day, making him the last AL pitcher to get a hit and get the win on the same day. 
  • Korecky is the 10th pitcher to get a hit in an American League game in the DH era.

All in all - a big day for Korecky. First major league win, first major league hit - and all in the same day!