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Gomez Bruised

Being pulled from Friday's game was a precautionary measure.

In the fifth inning of last night's game, Carlos Gomez was diving into second base for what would be his second steal of the night.  The throw from Ivan Rodriguez came in low and to the first base side of the bag, and caught Gomez in the left side of his head.  While the impact didn't knock him unconscious, Tiger shortstop Edgar Renteria told Gomez to "stay put".

Following an on-the-field assessment, physicians and staff sat Gomez up, put him on a cart and removed him from the game.  A brief evaluation by medical personnel deemed him fine, with a headache and a bruise the only things to show for getting hit by a baseball.  While it's likely the Twins may keep him out of tonight's game, Gomez had this to say about his availability:

"I'll see how I feel tomorrow. I did hit my head, so it's hard to tell if we play tomorrow or not."

Tonight's game kicks off just after 6pm, CST.