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Other predictions from Chicago meteorologists

(NOTE: We've been hearing since quarter to 7 that, according to local weather forecasters, the rain should pass in about 20 minutes.  Nearly two hours later, it's still raining in Chicago.)


I really think the rain is about to let up here. This system should be moving through any time now.

You know what else?  I think we've just about got this global warming thing licked.  Seems to me that things have really never been better on the climate change front; people are really making sacrifices, and I'm guessing that within the year, we'll have the atmospheric problems back to pre-1900 levels.

Just a hunch.

Also, I know I might be going out on a limb here, but this recession - forget about it.  It's almost done.  We'll all be sitting pretty, financially, by fourth quarter 2008.  I know that the subprime crisis has proved that the American financial industry is willing to take on any amount of risk to hit short-term profit goals, thus driving up stock prices and therefore executive compensation but deflating the long-term health of the firm, but I really think things are about to turn around.

You want a real prediction?  Labor Day, gas is going to be 83 cents a gallon.  Now that you can take to the bank.

And racism.  I think that's pretty much over, don't you?

But that rain - yep, that should be letting up any minute now.  Take the tarp off.  Let's play some ball.



(Game thread is directly below.  If it ever stops raining.)