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Neshek's Diagnosis: Bad

The results of today's MRI on Pat Neshek's right elbow were not good.  La Velle E. Neil reported on his blog that Neshek has been diagnosed with an acute partial tear of the ulner collateral ligament.  Yes, that said tear, and yes, that's the Tommy John ligament.  The word on what that means right now is Neshek will not throw for at least 3 months.  Surgery has not been mentioned at any point yet, but I highly doubt it's medically out of question considering the importance of that ligament.

This is clearly terrible news for the Twins.  Not only is it almost certain that Neshek will be done for the balance of the year, causing the Twins to lose their top set-up guy, but an injury to this part of the body casts instant doubt on how Neshek will pitch for the rest of his career.

Neshek is likely to get a second opinion, and hopefully we'll soon hear word about the injury being something a player can recover from soon...