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Twins 5, Yankees 1

Just something brief tonight, most of which we already know.  I'm hitting the sack early tonight (before 1am), so I'll catch you Twins fans in the morning.
In the fifth inning of Sunday's contest, Nick Blackburn took a Bobby Abreu line-drive off the face.  While he stood up on his own, trainers, managers and teammates were by his side almost instantaneously.  There's a link below which states Blackburn is listed as day-to-day with, thankfully, nothing worse than a bruised nose and upper lip.  I have to believe they'll check him out regularly over the next few days.


In Blackburn's absence, Michael Cuddyer stepped up for the second day in a row.  Collecting three hits, including a trio of RBI, Cuddyer was a big force for the Minnesota offense on the afternoon.  As I mentioned this morning, hopefully this is a harbinger of better things to come.  Cuddles is my Player of the Game.