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Mike Lamb hits 50 games

With last night's loss to the Orioles, Mike Lamb has officially hit the 50-game mark - the point at which the Twins cut Tony Batista loose in 2006.  Batista had 195 plate appearances that season; Lamb has a very comparable 187 so far this year.  And here's the tale of the tape:

BA .236 .247
OBP .303 .283
SLG .388 .335
HR 5 1
RBI 21 24
Runs created 24 23
OPS in last 20 games .685 .707
BA with RISP .318 .432
BA on balls in play .276 .266
Line-drive percentage 21.9% 18.2%
RZR at 3B .602 .587
Out-of-zone plays made 15 14
Fielding errors 3 2
Throwing errors 3 2
Contract 1yr /$1.25m 2yr /$6.6m

Apart from the salary - and the contract length - there's really no difference between the two.  Still, the fiscal reality of his contract probably precludes the Twins from cutting their losses and ditching Lamb; I suppose the best-case scenario is for the team to play him only against right-handed pitchers, or keep him around to pinch-hit against righties and back up at the corner positions.

In 2006, I remember the Twins' DFA-ing of Batista as a move that was viewed with celebration, not to mention relief, among Twins fans.  And so I remain somewhat confused why no similar movement is afoot regarding Lamb.