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Justin Morneau Wins Home Run Derby

It may be an afterthought in the national spotlight thanks to Josh Hamilton's exploits, but in Twins Territory we're all about our Canadian first baseman.

In the first round of Monday's Home Run Derby, it was the Josh Hamilton show.  Last to step to the dish in the field of eight contestants, he needed to hit seven home runs to move onto round two.

He hit 28.

Shattering the record set just a couple of summers ago by Bobby Abreu, sphere after sphere jumped off the bat of Hamilton, as he rained down a shower of balls into the right field seats.  As his turn dragged on for over ten minutes, it wasn't boredom that set in throughout the stadium.  It was awe.  Fans and All-Stars alike took to their feet as one after another, baseballs disappeared into the New York night.  Majestic, powerful and impressive arcs scorched the skies, and when all was said and done, the Ranger outfielder had written a place for himself in the history books.

With eight home runs in round one, which tied him for second most in the round with Lance Berkman, our own Justin Morneau made the cut to the final four.  With totals from the first two rounds being combined, it meant there was only one spot available in the finals between Morneau, Berkman and Milwaukee's Ryan Braun, who had hit seven in the first round.  Josh Hamilton's 28 assured him a place in the finals.

Berkman managed another six before using his outs, meaning Justin had to hit seven in round two.  He hit nine.  This meant Braun would need 10 to tie and 11 to make it to the finals, but he fell a few short.  Last to take to the plate in round two was Hamilton, who really didn't need to hit at all.  But he did, and he dropped another four balls into the seats before calling it a round after just four outs.  Justin Morneau was heading to the Derby finals with Josh Hamilton, who had just out-homered him nearly 2-to-1...with six fewer outs.

Justin went first, and managed to launch five, pacing himself over his ten outs.  Because the final round numbers don't include totals from the first two rounds, it meant that Hamilton needed just six to take home the trophy.  Watching the contest, while you hoped that he had worn himself out in the first round it wan't much comfort after seeing his display of power.  But that's exactly what happened.  Hamilton managed just one home run by the time he tallied three outs; two homers through five outs; and three homers by seven.  After crushing the competition into oblivion in round one, Josh Hamilton could only manage three in the finals.

It was a fantastic contest, and if I'm honest, had a climax and finish that I did not expect.  Morneau finished the night with 22 home runs, six fewer than Hamilton hit in just the first round, but it was enough to win him the trophy.  Home Run Derby champions are few and far between for any franchise, and I'm proud to call Justin Morneau a Minnesota Twin.

Congratulations, Justin!  You won tonight, and you earned it!

Pics of Justin from the Derby after the jump!

You wanna know what Boom feels like?

Boom feels like this, bitches.  Justin Go BOOM!

Canadians only need one hand to hoist their trophies.

All pictures courtesy of Yahoo! Sports