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Just two notes tonight, and then I'm going to let it rest until tomorrow.  One note, in brief, is that what could be construed as bad news considering the hole he put the Twins into, could also be construed as a positive because it's just one more example of how this team is in no way better off having Livan Hernandez in the starting rotation instead of Francisco Liriano.

Tonight's bad news has to do with Carlos Gomez.  In the top of the first inning, Ben Francisco launched a rocket into deep left-center field.  Gomez, at full tilt, lept into the wall to make a spectacular catch.  As he was airborne, he crashed his right side hard into the wall and fell back onto the warning tarck. With regard for the play, as he was on the ground he flipped the ball to Delmon Young in an attempt to gun down Grady Sizemore (who was tagging from second base).  But, in one of those scenes where you don't see it coming, which means in some ways it's much scarier than when you do, Gomez didn't get up.

While at first glance (and indeed on the replay) it didn't look like anything serious, back injuries can be tricky.  Gomez could have landed awkwardly on his hip or his tailbone, and pressure can do things to the structure of a body.

While the extent of the injury is not currently known, Gomez left the game on a stretcher.  If you desire, leave your updates here, but otherwise we'll pick this back up in the morning.

All thoughts will Carlos Gomez and his health, and here's hoping it's far less serious than it's being reported.

UPDATE 10:25 pm: KARE-11 reports that X-rays at the hospital were negative, and that Gomez returned to the park before the night was over.

Stars of the Game

#3  Justin Morneau  (1-for-4, HR, 2 RBI, R)
#2  Joe Mauer  (2-for-4, 2B, RBI, R)
#1  Denard Span  (3-for-4, 2B, RBI, R)