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Liriano Update: Sunday's Not As Great

Francisco Liriano got a slapped around a bit on Sunday night, giving up eight hits and four earned runs to the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Yankees.  Liriano also walked one and hit one, but struck out nine.  As of now, though, Liriano's in line to get the win, as Rochester leads 7-4 in the seventh inning.

A quick rundown of the lefty's night:

1st: 5-3 groundout, double to right, F-9, K
2nd: Double to left, single to right, K, K, double to left (RBI), K
3rd: Single (runner thrown out 7-4), K looking, K
4th: K, 5-3 groundout, single, FC 5-4
5th: F-9, double, F-7, F-9
6th: K, HBP, K, BB, HR (3 RBI), 6-3 groundout

Final line: 6 iP, 4 ER, 8 H (incl. four doubles and a homer), 1 BB, 1HBP, 9 K
Pitch count: 102 pitches, 64 for strikes
Outs: 4 groundouts, 4 flyouts

While the strikeouts are nice to see, the five extra-base hits that Liriano gave up aren't a very good sign.