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Recap: Twins 6, White Sox 5

July 29, 2008.

Tonight's edition is a full-on community review--in the morning we'll have the best snippets included right here on the front page.

Let's see what you've got--have fun!


Perkins looked shaky—not terrible, but not great. The defense saved him in a few innings. If the Twins are looking to make a move to bring Liriano into the rotation, I think it will be him, but I think (much to the dismay of many in the internet baseball community) Liriano will stay in AAA for at least one more start.


I think [Perkins] should go back to the bullpen. He has a very good fastball and decent secondary pitches. But I think h’ll have more success with that mix in the pen. Of course, moving him to the pen makes room for Liriano. It’s time. We’ll know when Liriano is held out of his next AAA start.


Hi, I’m Glen Perkins. I’ve dominated the Detroit Tigers lineup multiple times this year by pitching from the 3rd base side of the rubber and pounding a ton of fastballs inside. Ozzie Guillen gave me 8 right handed hitters last night and I pitched from the middle of the rubber closer to 1st base than 3rd. I didn’t pitch inside at all last night and I got pounded. Why did I do this? Because I want Francisco Liriano to take my spot in the rotation. I’m such a mench.


I thought the turning point of the game was when Ozzie Guillen left the starter Richard in to face Morneau. He had been struggling that inning, and Mauer the batter before drilled Richard in the leg.  I don’t know if Guillen was leaving him in to get that win stat, but you just knew Justin was going to deliver.


Love the back to back bunts in the 7th to get Gomez around for what ended up being the winning run.


Nathan looked good as usual, the Swisher homer, he just went down and got a pitch and somehow muscled out a broken bat no-doubter, but to me the bigger part of the inning was the Delmon Young. For as much grief as he gets about his defense, he proved he can run down fly balls as good or better than any other option we have in LF when he snagged that ball.

joe is cool:

It did NOT look good for the first few innings. It looked like another down night, but as I predicted (wishfully) they might have better looks the second time through the order. And while it actually started in the second and extended into the third time, it was still nice to see the Twins come back - AGAIN - in the 5th inning.


Is it too early to throw Morneau’s name in a MVP discussion? he is up there in batting average, second in RBI, and just like in 06, the team has just jumped on his back and that big Canadian Moose is charging his team to win after win. Whether he is an MVP or not, Justin is just flat out awesome lately.


Half game back.  WHOOP!