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Open Thread: Twins @ Red Sox Recap

July 9th, 2008.


This is what happens as soon as you get used to winning.  Darth Vader shows up on vacation in Boston, buys a Red Sox hat, has a steak or seven with David Ortiz and suddenly he's using the force to blow Ron Gardenhire's bullpen management skills all to hell.  Then, once Vader goes for a leak and Gardy's free to do the right thing, he'll only mess with the pitcher once he comes back.  Who says an evil Jedi needs a Death Star to have a good time?

There were a couple of times in this series that the Twins pulled an Epic Fail with the bases loaded, which is something we're not used to seeing.  It's been tossed out literally dozens of times throughout the Blogosphere over recent weeks that the Twins rake with RISP.  In this series, when they needed to do so, they couldn't.  The result of which was our first series loss since June 10-12 in Cleveland, and our first time getting swept since June 6-9 in Chicago.  That was a rough patch if we've had one this year.

After that, of course, we went 18-3.  Now we've been swept.

It's a long season.  Let's just keep it in perspective for the moment.  Well, you can, I'm trying to...I'm sure I'll feel better in the morning.  Getting swept is never fun.

Anyway, Vader can't be on vacation forever.