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Twins 4, Yankees 2

Twins take the series!

That was a great game, particularly since we won!  Kevin Slowey pitched a great game, Delmon Young came up huge for the second game in a row, and even though it got a little hairy there at the end, the boys found a way to pull it off.  I'm leaving the comments up to you tonight, so here's the Roll Call, and three cheers for the second game in a row to 33MorneauMVP...

Name # of Posts
33MorneauMVP 193
caluofmn 56
Jesse 51
Neil 45
Alexi Casilla All-Star 35
matty_b 31
TMW 19
caseintheface 13
joeiscool12 12
PhoenixV 9
cmathewson 8
Tony_O 4
neide 4
Zathras 2

Stars of the Game

#3  Jesse Crain  (0.1 IP, 0 R, retired Alex Rodriguez with key out in the 8th)
#2  Delmon Young  (2-for-4, HR, 3 RBI, R)
#1  Kevin Slowey  (6 IP, 3 H, 1 R, 1 K, 1 BB)