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Administrative Update

Just a quick few notes...


Just as I've encouraged those of us here not to copy-and-paste entire articles (even if it's free to view content), if you find examples of someone using your work somewhere else without your permission or without at least a direct link to your work, let me know.  It's your work, and you deserve the credit for it.


For those of you who don't look, last month we topped 25,000 unique visits and 61,000 page views.  We're on pace to roughly match that in August.  Thanks again to the contributors and readers of this site, who make it the intelligent community that it is.  Keep up the good work!

Game Photos and Reports

Did you go to the game and watch the boys win or lose in person?  Did you take some snappy pics?  If you can answer "yes" to both of these questions, always feel free to email me your pics and reactions, and maybe your report can be on the front page!  Of course, if you have your own account, you could do it don't be shy...

That's all for now peeps.  See you tomorrow!