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Cuddyer's Injury


Michael Cuddyer's second metatarsal was broken last night in a rehab game with the Rochester Red Wings. It was his fourth game since coming off of the disabled list, and he was scheduled to return to the Twins on Monday for the series opener versus the Yankees in Minneapolis.

Metatarsals are the bones that connect the "tarsal" bones in the hind foot to the phalanges, aka your toes, and play major roles in the functions of propulsion and support. Because of the lack of soft tissue surrounding them, metatarsals can be easily injured or broken by direct trauma, which is what happened when Garrett Jones' line drive hit Cuddyer.

Recovery time from a fractured metatarsal is generally six to eight weeks, which from yesterday places Cuddyer's return somewhere between September 19 and October 3. This of course is an average estimate, and once further details are known we won't have to rely on my speculation and subsequent searching of medical sights.

It does seem quite likely that Cuddyer will be out for the season. If the Twins are in desperate need of an outfielder, or a bat, come the end of September, we might see a push to get him back onto the field. Barring that, however, the safest and healthiest bet would be to shut him down.