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Kubel Homers Twice

Twins 9, White Sox 3; Minnesota trails Chicago by 1.5

I had two dreams last night.  In the first dream, the Twins won 4-1.  In the second deam, they lost 3-1.  It's nice to know that my dreams aren't something to lay down bets on.

After catching the game on delay, it's hard to describe those fleeting moments where as a fan you feel like the game belongs to you.  A number of stellar plays throughout the night--from Nick Punto's squeeze, to Scott Baker's play on the come-backer, to another diving play from Alexi Casilla--if there is such a thing as momentum, last night it belonged to the Twins.

The night belonged to Jason Kubel, whose two-run blast put the Twins in the lead in the bottom of the second.  His second sky jack of the night wasn't quite as dramatic, but it was just as impressive clearing the baggy, and suddenly with 20 home runs it's no wonder that Ron Gardenhire now adamantly believes that Kubel is his DH.

It's still an uphill climb, but that was a good one to get out of the way.  Tonight, we'll need another hero.