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One Half of a Conversation Between Disbelieving Twins Fans



-I know!  Can you believe it?

-A half game.

-A half game!

-How is this possible?

-I know it, man - four innings!  From this bullpen!  That's like 45 straight scoreless innings from a regular bullpen!

-Yeah, Breslow went 1-2-3.  Bonser went...

-Right, Bonser gave up one hit.  So 1-2-3...4.

-No kidding, this Mijares kid, where'd he come from?  It's basically a playoff game and Gardy - can you believe Gardy actually went to him, instead of one of his precious "veterans"? - and Gardy puts this kid from nowhere in, with a one-run lead, against Jim Thome.

-Yeah, then Paul Konerko.  And then Ken Griffey Jr!  Disaster, right?  No. Fly ball, ground ball, ground ball.

-That's three guys right there that weren't in the bullpen at the start of the year.  Throw in Neshek, throw in Bass, Guerrier, Reyes, Crain - other than Nathan, the entire bullpen is pretty much useless.  And we throw a waiver pickup, a failed starter, and a kid who's pitched like six innings in his life out there, and they get nine outs!

-Oh, Gomez!

-I know, how'd he get there?  The guy had to run a block and a half to get to that ball!

-No, I don't think so.

-No, Torii wouldn't have got there.

-Yeah, he probably would have dived, missed by four feet, and kicked the ball into the left-field corner for an inside-the-park home run.

-Yeah.  Unbelieveable.

-A half game.

-A half game!

-What's that?

-Oh, yeah, I'm at the hospital too.  Doc says it was just a minor heart attack this time.

-Sorry, man, I know that's like your fifth heart issue this week.

-Are you kidding? Of course I'm ready to go tomorrow night!  That degree on the doc's wall don't mean he can run my life.