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Twins Playoff Scenario, Updated

My oh my how fortunes have swung.

Clearly I'm optimistic, but I still thought that sweeping Chicago was a pipe dream.  But now that's it's happened, and I can still scarcely believe it, and I still get excited every time I remember the last three days, the playoff scenario has shifted dramatically.

For the Twins to win the division outright:

Minnesota needs to pick up another game on Chicago to increase their division lead to 1.5 games by the end of play on Sunday.  This would nullify the Chicago's postponed game with the Tigers, and jettison the Twins into October.  So, if Chicago wins one of three against the Indians, Minnesota needs to take two from the Royals.  You get the idea.

For the Sox to win the division outright:

Chicago would need to pick up two games on the Twins, making their lead 1.5 games.  This means the Twins can do no better than one win against Kansas City, and the Sox can do no worse than a series in against Cleveland.

The Elimination Scenario:

Whether the standings at the end of play Sunday still read a one-half game lead by the Twins, or a one-half game lead by the Sox, that postponed game against Detroit comes into play.  In this situation the Tigers will drop into Chi-Town.  With a Minnesota lead on Sunday, the Sox would have to beat Detroit to force a one-game playoff against the Twins for the American League Central Division title  If the Sox would manage to pick up a game on the Twins and finish in the lead, the Tigers still come to town, but Minnesota would need a White Sox loss to squeeze into that one-game playoff.

And the funny thing is, it's not nearly as complicated as I've managed to make it sound.  Still, this weekend will be one to remember.

The final series of the regular season kicks off in a couple short hours.  I'll see you here for the game!