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Blyleven not elected to Hall, barely improves vote total

Rickey Henderson sailed in, Jim Rice eked in, but Bert Blyleven will have to wait at least one more year.  The Hall of Fame-worthy righthander got 338 votes, or 62.7% of the possible votes, to fall short for the 12th straight year.

Blyleven's vote totals have gone up each year, as more and more influential figures have come to the conclusion that he was one of the all-time greats whose win numbers were deflated by playing for some terrible teams.  But this year, his totals failed to increase even one percent - in 2008, he received 61.9% of the vote.

Andre Dawson was the only other player to clear 50% of the vote, receiving 67%.

The focus this season was heavily on Henderson, who was in his first year on the ballot, and Rice, who fell 16 votes short last year and was on the ballot for the last time. With Rice out of the way, and with no slam-dunk cases on the ballot for the first time (the best may be Barry Larkin), perhaps Blyleven's case will receive more attention next season.