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Who Am I? (Salt Lake Buzz Edition)

That's right, every member of these questions played for the Salt Lake Buzz when they were an affiliate of the Minnesota Twins.

Who Am I?

  • In my last three seasons with the Buzz I put up OPS marks of .991, .925 and .990.  I was an absolute terror for minor league pitchers at this time.
  • In that span I still only played in 32 major league games.
  • I hit 293 minor league home runs.  Not bad for a guy who was undrafted.
  • My MO?  Power, baby!

Who Am I?

  • At age-25, I hit .272/.352/.575 with 32 homers.  Sadly my career ended when I was 27, and I never made the major leagues.
  • I was drafted the same year as Torii Hunter.
  • They played Scott Stahoviak, but still didn't call me up.

Who Am I?

  • The summer of my major league debut, I hit .297/.363/.580 with the Buzz.
  • I was a former first round draft pick by the New York Yankees.
  • I spent some time with the St. Paul Saints at the end of my professional baseball career.  Jesse saw me crash into the right field wall in foul territory trying to make a catch.  (NIART!!)