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The Hosken Powell Memorial Linkdump/Observation Center


  • Upon seeing the replay ad infinitum, Delmon Young really was this close to charging his own dugout, wasn't he?
  • Gardy's reaction to the whole Fidgetgate matter: "That's the best they can come up with? Chrysler."  I want Ron Gardenhire to be my Grandpa.
  • After Wednesday evening's game, I gauged the Twins' playoff hopes as "toast."  Now, I've adjusted them to "improbable, but not the craziest thing I've ever heard."  It's amazing how one game can affect your attitude.  The Twins can definitely win 2 of 3 sweep the Royals this weekend, especially if they knock in their baserunners against Greinke, rather than stranding them as they did on Sunday.  The Tigers can definitely lose 2 of 3.  Doesn't mean it'll happen, and for all I know I'll be writing up the Twins' elimination game later this evening/tomorrow AM, but still.  Hope is not unreasonable. 
  • If/when the Twins are out of the running, are you pulling for anyone to take home the title besides "Not the Yankees?"  Speaking only for myself, I will have no problem pledging allegiance to Torii Hunter and the Angels.  
  • My Metrodome memory: Juan Berenguer's raincoat (which would've been the envy of Morty Seinfeld) and briefcase at the impromptu 1987 post-AL Championship celebration.  On a team full of characters, he really stood out. 
  • Little known fact: inside that briefcase?  Jason Tyner.

See you for the game thread this afternoon, kids.