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Mauer to Joe C: Contract talks haven't started

We have conflicting reports on whether Mauer contract extension talks have actually started. Joe C. in this morning's Star Tribune: "Contract talks haven't started". My guess is this is Mauer downplaying any preliminary discussions that may be taking place. No cause for alarm...yet.

Other random notes (many thanks to MLB Trade Rumors):

  • Joe C. also notes that Carl Pavano's agent had an "excellent first meeting" with the Twins, and that Glen Perkins has settled his grievance. 
  • According to Joel Sherman, Detroit has reportedly put Curtis Granderson on the block. According to Phil Rogers, the Cubs need to go after him. Considering their need for left handed hitting, this would make a lot of sense. 
  • Buster Olney is skeptical that the major free agents, Bay, Holliday and Lackey, will receive a $100M contract this offseason. Does this make Mauer a bit more affordable?
  •'s Mark Bowman thinks the Braves may trade Javier Vazquez or Derek Lowe. Would the Twins have any interest for the top of their rotation?
  • Jeff Zriebec of the Baltimore Sun thinks the Orioles may be interested in bringing Erik Bedard back to Baltimore, and that they might be players in the 3B market. 
  • As many of you know, Carlos Gomez is a "Super 2", eligible for arbitration now that he's a Brewer. Apparently Adam Jones, Mike Fontenot and Micah Owings are all right on the cutoff point, and Fontenot was selected as the last Super 2. This saves the Orioles a lot of money, but it may also make Fontenot available. Not the most attractive option, but he was mentioned here last offseason.
  • Dave Cameron thinks the Marlins may have waited too long to shop Dan Uggla. Has the price gone down?