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The Hosken Powell Memorial Offseason/Hot Stove Linkdump II

Item: Buster Olney thinks Joe Mauer's contract negotiations might be the most important story of the offseason.

Nobody asked me, but: well, duh.  Obviously, this is a big story for Twins fans.  But, as Olney notes, the question of parity and the gulf between the haves and the have-lesses (or, if you'd rather, the Yankees and everyone else) is a big story everywhere.  (See also: Joe PosnanskiJon Marthaler.)  One thing that I can guarantee: whatever changes are or are not made to the system, the Royals will continue to blow.

Item: Your 2010 Twins 3B is...Joe Crede?

Nobody asked me, but: Scott Boras swears that Crede's third back surgery in as many years did the trick.  Since agents are nothing if not scrupulously honest, consider me sold!  (Seriously, though: Joe C.'s article lists the current in-house options.  They are LNP, Brendan Harris, and Matt Tolbert, with Valencia and Hughes in the wings.  Is Crede at a not-insane, incentive-laden price that bad of an idea?  I'm starting to waver.  Commenters, attack!)

Item: the Twins have not made a single roster move as I've been writing this.

Nobody asked me, but: I fully expect to post this and see that we've signed Jerrod Washburn.

Item: MPR took a walking tour of Target Field.

Nobody asked me, but: that was pretty cool.

Enjoy your weekend, kids!