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The Hosken Powell Memorial Offseason/Hot Stove Linkdump


Item: Big League Stew (no relation) gives the Twins the early edge in the Hardy/Gomez swap.

Nobody asked me, but: I will miss Gomez's defense and remarkable speed.  I will not miss his craptacular at-bats and .623 OPS.

Item: Pat Neshek's rehab is an ocean of positivity.

Nobody asked me, but: if I may put on my Captain Obvious hat for a minute, a healthy, effective Neshek would be gigantic for 2010.  In a winter where the team needs to/had better address other areas of the team, upgrading the bullpen via trade or free agency seems unlikely.

Item: Cuddyer is priority #1 for Twins.  The club has until Monday to pick up his $10.5 million option for 2011 or buy him out for $1 million.

Nobody asked me, but: of course they're going to do pick up his option, and they should.  He does magic tricks, for pity's sake!  Cuddy-haters, unload on me in comments, but be advised that I will be forwarding your e-mail addresses to Howard Sinker.

Item: autographed Nick Punto jerseys among the items for sale at tomorrow's Metrodome rummage sale.

Nobody asked me, but: all purchasers must show sufficient grit, hustle and moxie in order to acquire the jerseys.  If you see Scott Ullger telling you not to buy it, KEEP YOUR HEAD DOWN AND GO RIGHT PAST HIM. WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG?  /still bitter